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  the Valentine's Day the Valentine's Day is a historical festival for loving people in western country.Today,we'll talk about different attitudes about the Valentine's Day. Some people think it good because in this festival the relationship between the loves or the couples can be better.Meanwhile,it is also a good chance for young people to relax.However,others consider it not for security and economy.They regard the Valentine's Day as a machine running by money,and they are very care about they safety because too many people will attend this feast. From my pespective,I think the Valentine's Day is worth spending with one's lover,it's because that the Valentine's Day isn't a symbol of using money,but of a day that boys and girls who love each other can be together doing something romantic. Totally,I hope all of you will have your own the Valentine's Day


  Valentine’sDay is on the February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries aroundthe world, although it remains a working day in most of them. After New Year'sDay, it is the most celebrated holiday around the world. It’s a holiday forlovers or couples. This is a festival of love and romance, as well as flowers,chocolates, greeting cards. On that day, there are many activities for couplesto celebrate, showing their love to mate. Gift exchanging is the most common. Inrecent years, February 14 become much more popular than before, although thereis another Valentine’s Day in China. Besides, there are many people choose thatday to propose marriage or get married. In short, it’s a day of love.


  Valentine's day, looking at one couple out the door, I really, very upset. Because mom and dad out the valentine's day, just put my soul in the home, my in the mind of course right away. More hate the, ssi cast me into the home was the reason for valentine's day, two men to eat western food specials, take me to spend a money. I was angry to mad. They also say, valentine's day with a child out is not like a lover. Alas, I had to stay at home.

  I was at home is boring, just want to make a phone call for your mother a go out to play. But old mama had agreed, and then she actually said to me: "don't call me! I want to shut down!" Alas, forget it, and she said no, go out to play.

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