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Students gathering program, the student party planning, student party, the classmate party planning program, the Shanghai student gathering place, the classmate gathering place
Junior high school student party program
In order to guarantee the classmate party smoothly, so that students are able to meet short time to talk about a better future, hand narrative that friendship, AC each other sentiment, as well as to the life of mutual encouragement, share each other over the years of life experience, special elaboration of the activities of the scheme are as follows:
First, the purpose of the party
忆往昔、峥嵘岁月稠;看今朝,无限风光秀。时光任苒,岁月匆匆,二十多载春秋,风雨兼程。 相识是杯醇香的酒,相逢是首动人的歌,相处是那浓浓的血,相聚是那南飞的雁,无论我们相处天涯海角,亦或地北天南。那些曾经如花的季节,那些开心的往事,那快乐的校园,勾起了我们心中那段尘封已久的回忆。想起同班同桌的你!想起谆谆教诲的老师…… 二十多年的牵挂,给了我们再相聚首的理由。怀念一些人,并不仅仅是因为曾经的学习,而是因为,那里面有我们走过的岁月,那里面有我们深深回忆与眷念……在这2012年的龙年春天里,我们即将留下我们永恒的记忆与欢笑!
Recalling the past eventful years, thick; see today, infinite beauty show. Time is running out for my time, more than and 20 years of trials and hardships. Acquaintance is a cup of mellow wine, meet, is touching song, along is that thick blood, together with the wild geese flying south, whether we get on the ends of the earth, or everywhere. The ever blossoming season, those happy memories, that happy campus, memories of the our heart that dusty already a long time of memories. Think of my deskmate of you! Think teachers inculcate...... More than and 20 years of care, gave us a reason to get together again. Miss some people, and not just because of ever learning, but because of the inside have us through the years. There are our deep memories and nostalgia... In 2012 of this year in the spring, we will leave our eternal memory and laughter!
Two, party time, place and requirements.
Party time: February 11, 2012 (January twenty) Saturday, 18:00 pm.
Venue: < Haitongda Hotel on Fuzhou Road, Hong hillside law > - apartment opposite (tentative location if there is a change to notify)
In principle, do not bring their families and children, if you want to take it, you can say in advance.
During the party, try not to mention that year that month then, bag and embarrassments; happy get-together, a happy moment, on the desktop resides only our previous attachment and memories.
In order to safety can not drive a private car, and resolutely implement the drink do not drive, drive not to drink the provisions of!!. (such as drunk driving all the consequences)
Three, Party activities and program flow:
The entertainment programs such as:
A, retim,
B, hit the bowl pass flowers, who stopped at home, who punished to perform a program
C,...... (not part)
Four, video, pictures
To find a professional video to understand the students live video (with a DV machine) does not have a professional, non professional line. After the party to take pictures of the scene. And to stay on the phone, QQ, E---mail, keep in touch.
Five, Party costs
This gathering of AA is the cost of the system, and men and 100 yuan per person, female 50 yuan per person (male students due to alcohol problems overhead will be larger, so the burden of a female classmate a bit more weight); dinner cost Duotuishaobu, before eating and drinking, to sign by the Minister of finance collection take, lest drunk accounts.
In addition, because last year's party costs are not spent, but also the remaining money: 1450 yuan. The balance after the announcement if no objection will be transferred to the party, now temporarily kept by Li Bin.
六、 每位同学都要讲团结,讲风格,互谅互让,避免斤斤计较,力争经过我们大家的努力,把这次聚会办成一次团结、活泼、热烈、融洽的盛会,留下一个美好的回忆。难得聚首,切勿贪杯,大家把握自己酒量,喝酒不是主要,沟通才是重点。其中好多同学二十多年见一面,清茶淡水也是情。
Six, each of the students to talk about unity, speaking style, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, avoid fussy about every detail, and strive to after all our efforts, the party into a united, lively, warm and harmonious event, leave a good memory. Rare here, don't drink, we grasp their own wine, drink is not the main communication is the key. Many classmates more than and 20 years to see the side of tea, fresh water is.
Seven, have to drink such as KTV, K can be organized, do not want to go to the first home.
Eight, to participate in the party are (in alphabetical order): Wang Xiufeng, Wang Lei, Wang Jun Li Bin, Jia Zengjie, Uranus, Qu Dian, Wang Haiyan, Wang Bo, Wang linxu, Wang Bingjun, Yuan Benmin, AWC, yuan na, Yuan Caifeng, Yuan Minzhi, Yuan Rong, Yuan Wenhuan, Ma Zhong first, Ma school music, Ma Haiyan, Ma Hechu, Xin Chenggang, Liu Wei Zhong, Wang Guohong, sun Hongyan, Wang Caimei, Wang Lijun, Tao Lei, harutyunyan h, Ningxia Donghui... There are still a number of personnel to be further implemented to determine.
Miss Yu Shaohuan is at the party.
Nine, the Preparatory Committee to set up the situation:
The chairman of student Party committee: Yuan Xiaodong
Vice President: Wang Xiufeng
Consultant: Wang Lei
The activities of the Preparatory Committee: Li Bin, Wang Xing, Jia Zengjie, Ma Zhongchu, Yuan Caifeng, Wang Haiyan......
The term responsible for the reservation, Wang Haiyan is responsible for attendance collection activity costs and settlement, Ma Zhongchu responsible for the party's security issues [, Wang Lei, Wang Xiufeng, Uranus responsible for contacting, notification and planning. Jia Zengjie, Wang Haiyan, Yuan Caifeng and other students, such as the arrangement of the venue, etc........

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