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  I am warm and cheerful personality, friendly, honest and humble. Hard work, serious and responsible, can bear hardships and stand hard work, due diligence, patience. Affinity, approachable, good at communicating with people.

  Study hard seriously, outstanding achievements, among the best. Excellent in character and learning, for three consecutive years to obtain College scholarships.

  Served as the Department of student outreach Department of cadres, deputy minister, the Youth League organization life member of the class, the students work and go out sponsorship links with the business process, greatly improving their work and their ability. In addition, actively participate in extra-curricular activities, a variety of social activities and part-time work, in order to increase their experience, improve their ability. Work experience in the way, exercise eloquence and interpersonal skills. For two consecutive years to get college summer social practice activists, student union outstanding officer and other honorary titles.

  In normal school life, has done a lot of part-time. For example: tutor, telephone interviewers, restaurant waiter, leaflets, questionnaire survey, and also to the factory a summer job, experience a variety of different operational procedures and work methods, exercise become diligent spirit, and from the work to appreciate the fun and dedication.

  Four years of college, so my organizational skills, management ability, strain ability greatly improved, so I have a good psychological quality, let me have a greater competitive advantage, let me go farther in life. Obtained the title of "excellent college students" and "outstanding graduates".




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