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Long stocking pipi journal entry



I have read the book long stocking pipi, I benefit. Pipi is a different girl, her life completely on their own, which makes me admire her. She has a very strange name -- pipi Lou da Victoria ruhr and di maria cruz meng da patrice evra Yin M long socks.



Pipi hair color like carrots, two tails always out, her nose like a potato, covered with freckles. Her socks are long, one is brown, the other is black. Her shoes on a times larger than his own feet, was for later don't buy shoes...



Pipi in my mind is a naive, lovely and kind girl, she superhuman strength, the world does not have a p - examine can compare with her, she can lift a horse even heavier, rice and item CARDS being chased by a shark, pipi desperate to save them, give a shark...


Pipi is still a very capable man, her independent life ability is very strong, all the housework by her a man do, everything is determined by her own, she can do a lot of food, cookies, pretzel, for her. Although she is a very rich children, but she didn't selfish, she used a lot of money to buy a lot of candy, generous to a town. She also likes to lie, she thought, lying is a pleasure, but after lied, will take the initiative to admit it. She is very naughty, naturally don't like to go to school, for her, life should be happy every day to play, instead of studying. Her treasure friendship and bravery. She's always holding my hand when the weak are violated, but punishment has exquisite discretion, she juggled the thief is not hatred. She is rich, but I do not mean, she is willing to spend money to a friend bought a first-class ticket to go to the circus. She let the thief lazy, let the thief to help her to do things, and then reward him a gold coin.


This little girl, innocent, brilliant makes me think the author of long stocking pipi, lindgren, the 94 - year - old grandmother, fairy tale is so full of childlike innocence, tong qu! Lindgren life made a great contribution to literary career, her book stack up the Eiffel Tower has 175 is so high, can put them in line around the earth for three weeks. She succeeded in his work, for children around the world left a and a childhood friend never grew up. The characters "long stocking pipi to some extent, the children and children's literature from tradition, superstition authority and liberated moralism... pipi became the symbol of human freedom."


Pipi how life is free, free! Everything she worries as game, all the difficulties as test on their own. Let us like pipi, are forever happiness, happiness in an ocean of dance!


2. Nine long stocking pipi came to our side.


She has a big bag full of gold COINS, this is important, children around the age of eight, nine have been think money is a wonderful thing. Because the rich can get everything you want, for example, you can buy candy and toys, of course also be able to get belongs to own a horse. Money can also help other children. Adults have the money to give gifts to always have a variety of conditions, the gift is a kind of high above the alms, let the children, and fear, and even let a person feel humiliated. While rich children help people is very simple, give a person needs, let a person feel happy. Can free money, should be childhood is one of the most confused induced - dreams.


Pipi no father nor mother, in the beginning is good, because "when she had the time no one told her to go to sleep, when she want to eat candy, no one forced her to eat cod liver oil". Time is long and there is a problem, because, father is a knot in one's heart, always can't completely erase, even said "my mother is an angel, my dad is black king", mother sat through a small hole in the sky and looked at the daughter of life on earth, "the father will be built a boat to pick me up". Dad send the shoes don't fit me will be always in, dad walked with world become the deepest impression. Speaking, no mom and dad children still is poor, no matter what they hide lost parents to weak. Our grandmother also touch to this little fairy tale, and del piero's father came back, really built a boat to pick the pipi. The father is different, he is as pipi wish, is a black king. He's not constraint children of their own, he gave her all the autonomy and equality. He play the game with pipi. He is a great friend partner know pipi. He is too conforms to the image of father heart - - - - - friendship-type heroes.


Long stocking pipi though grandma is a fairy tale lindgren fictional characters, but I think she is like a person live in my side. I really like pipi, I think her childhood is happy, she happy every day, even if encounter sad thing, can find their own happiness.


Pipi's childhood is childhood that I look forward to. Although I study very hard now, in the spare time to learn mathematical olympiad. But childhood is short, in the future, I want to take time to play more, how to make a few good friends, like pipi self-confidence, self-improvement, self-reliance, and to have a happy and pipi, carefree childhood!






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