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  i like Vietnam , so i want know how do Vietnamese people view China now? i know we have some conflicts.


  We think that China will have a bright future if China could unify her people and avoid any destructive wars in China or near China. We hope that Vietnam and China will be peaceful and prosperous and have a good relationship.

  我们认为如果中国能够统一人民并且避免其内部以及周边发生破坏性战争的话,中国将有光明的未来。 我们希望越南和中国能和平繁荣,并建立友好关系。

  We think that Chinese people are smart, clever, ambitious, good at bussiness( love money so much). I want that Vietnamese people will have good traits like the Chinese.


  We know that China is investing everywhere, in Africa, in Europe, in America, in Asia. China wants to make a lot of money.


  We know that China has achieved an amazing result in a short time to become the second biggest economy in the world. China has cored well on PISA, IQ test. We want to imitate China. When i compare India with China, i feel that the Chinese are amazing. They are proud, nationalistic. The Chinese are more cunning than Vietnamese.


  We know that Vietnam shares many similarities to China. We have learned a lot from China. Eating dog meat, The Lunar New Year Celebration, Communism, Confucian values, Family matters, save “face”,…


  We often watch martial films from China. The journey to the West, Three Kingdoms, All men are brothers,… A lot of young people read novels from China like the Scholars by Wu Jingzi, The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants by Shi Yukun, 步步驚心, 抱歉你只是妓-女, 曾许诺/曾許諾,… They are so good. I like to watch chinese films, but I am lazy to read chinese novels. Chinese music is good too. We know a lot of Chinese singers. Chinese singers, actors are more famous in Vietnam than other nations. We know Zhao Wei (赵薇), 章子怡,... We rarely know Japanese singers or Indian singers,… China is the best in these aspects. Hope that more good films, novels from China.

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