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  Steph Curry, on his many quirks, in his own words: The mouthpiece, the fingernail-chewing, the "Lock in!" Tweet, the sprint to the rim before tip-off and more……

  斯蒂芬库里和我谈起了他的诸多怪癖:牙套,咬指甲,“Lock in!”推特,赛前的冲刺跑以及许许多多的不为人知的“秘密”。

  Stephen Curry does preposterous, astonishing, prodigiously valuable things on a regular basis, and he does a lot of quirky little things, too.


  The quirky things just as regularly, or even more so. Because the Warriors' superstar point guard is a proud and predictable creature of many, many different habits, in and around basketball games, his soaring career and happy family life.


  The mannerisms give structure to Curry's basketball routine, and from there he can improvise almost anything.


  For instance, he starts his famous pregame workout 90 minutes before tip-off, every game, and he always walks out of the locker room with his shoelaces untied, then laces up right before the work begins.


  That's just one habit. For this column, I asked him about several others, and at no point did Curry try to hide any of this and in fact seemed to be pretty interested in how many eccentricities I could come up with.


  I've noticed all of these idiosyncrasies in plain sight, almost every game, and I'm sure I've missed dozens. Those who know him off the court say he has countless other habits in many other aspects of his life.


  Curry, by the way, also just became the first-ever unanimous NBA Most Valuable Player, his second MVP trophy in a row, and he is leading his Warriors into the Western Conference finals against Oklahoma City, which start Monday night at Oracle Arena.

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