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  A British company has launched an emoji alternative to the traditional four-digit Pin code commonly used for accessing online banking.


  Intelligent Environments says its Emoji Passcode service is more secure because there are more potential combinations of the 44 emojis than there are of the numbers 0-9. It claims some digital banks have already expressed interest in the idea. Memory experts agree that people find it easier to remember images.

  智能环境公司(Intelligent Environments)称他们的“表情密码”服务更加安全,原因是44个表情的组合方式远比0-9这十个阿拉伯数字的组合样式更多。该公司宣称,一些电子银行已对此创意感兴趣。记忆专家也表示,人们记图像更为容易。

  David Webber, managing director of Intelligent Environments, said the system was designed to appeal to 15-25-year-olds. "Why can't financial service be fun and innovative?" he said, "It's just another method of logging in." Mr Webber added that his company had not patented the idea. "I don't think it's patentable. But I do think we are the first people to have thought of it," he told the BBC.

  智能环境公司总经理大卫·韦伯(David Webber)称,该系统专为15-25岁人群设计。他说,“为什么金融服务不能有趣、新颖呢?这不过是另一种登录方法。”韦伯先生补充道,公司尚未给这一想法申请专利。他告诉BBC,“我不认为这有什么专利可言,但这个创意绝对是前无古人。”

  Cybersecurity expert Prof Alan Woodward said that the use of patterns and images was already used by some firms as a useful alternative to remembering complex sequences of numbers and letters. "I think this is an interesting and potentially valuable step forward," he said. "If we persist in using passwords, which seem to be here for a while yet, we need to recognise how humans think and make these as easy to remember as possible. "

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