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Why is Yang Mi foot odor? Many people may not understand the problem, the term Yang Mi stinky feet became another nickname Yang Mi, Yang Mi smelly feet event is how cause? I believe many Yang Mi fans should know, but some netizens do not understand, we will give you a detailed explanation. Shangc.net is Zhichao fashion life
Yang Mida smelly feet event
A state in the micro-blog before Yang Mi, tired of a day, a little smelly feet. Instantly attracted the attention of each respect, a lot of friends began to reply said, Yang Mizhen is a hardcore. Is it right? Yang Mi is already a big smelly feet, but also the netizen malicously, but it is netizens spread out.



Escalation of Yang Mi is innocent?
Then if should look like happy camp will remember Yang Mina period, but also because the micro-blog, directed in particular to find a means goat, goat and illustrate the special love hardcore stuff, then pull on the goat, goat went straight to Yang Mi feet, so to prove, Yang Mi make a big smelly feet.

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