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  W: I am ready for a new hairdo . Do you have any suggestions?

  M: Have you taken a look at any of the new styles lately?

  W: Yes, I brought a magazine to show you. I like this one.

  M: Oh, that's pretty. Do you wanna keep your hair this long or do you wanna take it shorter? I think you would look cute with the short hair. Perhaps you could go even shorter than in the picture.

  W: I’ll leave it up to you. Like I said I am ready for a change.

  M: Ok. You should really think about getting some highlights put in, too.

  W: Do you think that would look good? I am worried that it will make my hair look unnatural.

  M: No, It won't. The highlights are very subtle. We can do a little bit this time. If you like it, we can do a little bit more next time. Otherwise, the highlights should grow out in about four weeks.

  W: Ok, just do what you want. I count on you. By the way, how much do you charge for a shampoo and set?

  M: 60 dollars in total.






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