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A sentence of regret.
1, love a person has more bitter only their most clear, negative out of all the youth to the shortage of the original just a mistake, I don't want to pretend to be confused but have to admit defeat, missed the lover who can keep, I can only pretend to be happy, hurt in the heart head tears can not stay.
2, love is not love, love is not love. Love is love and we cannot be together for life.
3, the encounter is wrong, the understanding is wrong, in together is a mistake, you be tempted is wrong, and you love or wrong, fall in love with you is a mistake, is all wrong. A sentence of regret.
4, some things, think of it is always very good, so in your assumption, a waste of a very happy reality.
5, if stone will tears, I want to be a star on the stone in your heart cry, at least, can also feel your temperature.
6, blue curtain, glass like heart, to you, but easy to sad.
7, miss a person's taste, as it is to drink a cup of cold water, then drop into tears.
8, time will slowly precipitation, some people will be in your heart slowly fuzzy. Learn to let go, your happiness needs to be done.
9, after leaving, I think you don't forget one thing: don't forget to miss me. A sentence of regret. Miss me, don't forget I'm missing you.
10, don't tell me that your heart only me, why do you also cannot do without him?
11, once a land of broken dreams, picked up to put together, and then to break, then picked up, put together, until the day no longer put together do not come.
12, all the outcome has been written, all the tears have left, but suddenly forget, is how to start. In the old days, no more summer days, no matter how I go, the young you just like clouds. And your smiling face, extremely shallow and pale, gradually disappear in the clouds at sunset. He opened up the yellow pages, destiny binded it up. With tears, I read it again and again, but I have to admit, youth, is a book too hasty.
13, knowing that you do not have me, you will never be the one you want, but I can not help but let you see the real me, hide the hurt.
14, missed the sunrise can wait, missed the beauty can come back, missed the meteor can wait, () missed the love will not come back.
15, some very much looking forward to life, always in your self righteous dream, and then give you a very disappointed blow.
16, in fact, I have been standing behind you, but in your turn when I squat body, a breath of distance, you can not see me.
17, I miss the time across the brow, pale fingers. Passionate and sad sentences, is the waist of the fleeting time, like water spread over four seasons. You still like no homing ship.
18, your heart is all of my life, I can't go further. We live in the remotest corners of the globe, not a walk the earth, but human companionship.
19, quietly disappeared in the crowd, not to let anyone see! Miss is a pain in the breath, instantaneous evaporation, it is impossible to spread to the!
20, in your eyes, maybe I was very cheap, but at least I love myself. In the street saw two child paper eating an ice cream, a first mouth licking, let to think I've also very childlike innocence is also very happy.
21, it is said that two people get along for a long time, will achieve a sense of tacit understanding, such as: you do not ignore me, I will not ignore you.
22, not to mention the feeling, you and I know that the hug is not cordial. For the only time you think of me and feel proud. Some people, even the quarrel did not have to disappear in the crowd.
23, I like you, I have been waiting for you, I wish you every day, I always miss you, and you received it, I do not know if I can have you, I do not know who you like, perhaps, leaves is my reincarnation!
24, a word way to do love the cruel. Love to the depths of people alone. Pain makes people mature, strong people will be feeling the true meaning of love, and the fragile people hate.
25, maybe I really do not understand love, only know blindly pay and wait, thought that promises to be Sishou appearance, think promises can wanted.now, originally only arrived but is just a joke, but he let me fall into one of these, until the deeper, unable to extricate themselves.
26, not really used to refused, but if once the hand, back to a person, not the loneliness and desolation, do not have, just afraid of losing.

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