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临江仙Lin Jiang Xian
作者:苏轼 朝代:北宋 体裁:词
Author: Su Shi Dynasty: the style of the Northern Song Dynasty
Night drink Dongpo wake up after drunk, as if the return of three. Home has breath of thunder, knocking at the door should not rely on the walkman.
Regret not this body, when they forget. The night wind Hu Ping lines, from the boat away, drifting raft.
Dongpo: in the east of Huanggang County, Hubei. Su Shi exiled to Huangzhou, his friend Ma Zhengqing to reclaim the title of the building, the snow hall five.
②听江声:苏轼寓居临皋,在湖北黄 县南长江边,故能听长江涛声。
The Walkman: Su Shi lived in Hubei, Lin Gao, Huang County, south of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River to sea.
The busy, busy: with inner Zaoji, this shape, described as Cyril was by reason.
The middle of the night: the end of the night.
The Yi grain: metaphor wave fine lines. Yi, crepe.
The night in Dongpo drinking, drunk sleep, wake up and continue to drink, until the drunk drunk. Back when the time has come to midnight. Home to fall asleep, snoring loud like thunder. How the door is also no promise, but to fight on, walk to the river, listening to the rushing sound of the vast Yangtze river. I often hate, I have no freedom, when can I forget the fame and fortune, no longer running in the fame and fortune scene? It grew dark, kawakaze gradually disappeared, finally calm. I will take a boat retire quietly, spend the rest of my life.
本词是词人被贬黄州时所作,苏轼谪居黄州,内心是愤懑而又痛苦的,所以,酒无疑成了词人消愁解忧之物。这首词所写的就是作才与朋友夜饮雪堂,醉归临皋的感受。 难能可贵的是,苏轼并没有为痛苦所压倒,本词不达意上片着意渲染其醉态,下片写酒醒时的思想活动。这首词做到了情、景、理的巧妙结合,颇见词人真性情。“长恨此身非我有,何时忘却营营!”这两句辞意顿转,突发愤慨、激切之音:久郁于心恨愤,向奔腾浩荡之和茳喷发出内心的抗议。宋神宗元丰二年(1079年)十二月二十九日,北宋第一次大规模的文字狱“乌台诗案”结案了。在朝野上下的营救下,苏轼被贬黄州团练副使,开始了长达5年的贬谪生涯。苏轼谪居黄州,内心是愤懑而又痛苦的,所以,酒无疑成了词人消愁解忧之物。这首词所写的就是作才与朋友夜饮雪堂,醉归临皋的感受。 难能可贵的是,苏轼并没有为痛苦所压倒,在这首词中,词人表现出一种超人的旷达,一种不以世事萦怀的恬淡,一种在精神上对自由和宁静的向往,一种磊落豁达和襟怀。
This word is the poet was banished to Huangzhou, Su Shi's exile Huangzhou, the heart is anger and pain, so the wine will undoubtedly become the poet Xiaochou bereavement. This poem is written to friends and night drink snow hall, Lin Gao feel drunk. Commendable is, Su Shi and no pain overwhelmed the lied on intentionally render the drunkenness, under write sober thought. This poem to do the unique combination of intelligence, science, landscape, a true poet. "Regret not this body, when they forget!" These two resign cogging, sudden indignation, indignant voice: long depression in the heart of hate and anger. A heart to the Pentium mighty and Jiang spray of protest. Song Shenzong Yuanfeng two years (1079), on December 29, the Northern Song Dynasty the first large-scale literary inquisition "Wutai poem case" closed. In the government rescue, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou militia Fushi, began his 5 year career relegation. Su Shi in Huangzhou, the heart is angry and painful, so, the wine will undoubtedly become the poet Xiaochou bereavement. This poem is written to friends and night drink snow hall, Lin Gao feel drunk. Commendable is, Su Shi and no pain overwhelmed. In the poem, Ci writers out of a superhuman broad-minded, a not to the indifferent world of repine, a in spirit of freedom and yearning for the quiet, a candid and open-minded and gaining acclamations.
Encyclopedia of Chinese

Lin Jiang Xian Tang Jiaofang Qu, two tone poem, with lyrics and tune. "Also known as" Xie Xinen, "Yan return", "painted screen spring", "deep garden", "Lotus", "to pinting" and "Ruihe Xian order", "mandarin duck dream", "jade serial". Two pieces of Dunhuang songs, Ren Bei Er "Dunhuang music school recorded" naming "Lin Jiangxian, Wang Zhongmin, the Dunhuang Quzici set" daffodils. This word is sixty words. So far influence...

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