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1, had a few problems in the junior middle school three years basically got the \"treatment\", understand, considerate, filial piety parents, it should know the perspective-taking, has its unique opinion on things, and can express boldly. We can communicate with their parents at home, understand parents' heart. Talented but also lack some autonomy and studied hard, if you can in the aspects of improved will be better!


2, she was a nice, quiet, I was at the top grade. Do your duty, rarely let us worry about. Have a wide range of interests and hobbies, like painting and calligraphy, to play the piano and so on. Mature in mind and has a lot of progress in self-care self-reliance, and more know how to understand their parents. Understand stand in other people's perspective on problems. Kind, compassionate, but is not strong enough, is relatively weak, in the face of setbacks can't to fight bravely. Hope children can now examination is drawing near with firm faith, courage, for his junior high school career a regret.


3, daughter since elementary school is a good student, and served as the class cadre for many years, are among the best grades. She is obedient, I save a lot of heart. In general, the daughter is independent. Daughter love reading, and independent, not blindly follow, I don't pursue her grades, because she knew. Daughter's biggest weakness is not insist, in her efforts, with her own confidence I believe she can do it.


4, she is a mental health, composed air of sunny girl. Character kind gentle, kind and full of positive attitude to life; With their parents at home, listen to parents' teachings; In the school can get along with classmates, cooperate with the teacher the class work. Steadfast, study hard, no hurry not rashness, academic performance is stable. Social activities actively, attends school, run for student union cadres, to enhance the communication and coordination skills with people, also like calligraphy, flute, football, volleyball and other sports, pay attention to edify sentiment, exercise. We are proud of her daughter, because she is a flying heart happy bright boy.


5, he is a clever sensible boy, warm and cheerful, active, considerate, kind-hearted; Show filial obedience parents, respect teachers, unite classmates; A sense of responsibility and ambition; Very savvy. Comprehensive development, diligent in learning, learning ability is very strong, each semester freshair obtains the title of miyoshi students and outstanding class cadre, the piano, painting, calligraphy, reading, dancing, singing and show host has very good performance, has repeatedly to municipal, district-level reading, calligraphy, essay, science and technology competition award. She has a strong organizational leadership ability and creative ability. In short, the comprehensive development, are excellent.


6, after three years school system management and learning cultivate children to be honest and trustworthy, gratitude, a strong sense of responsibility and good moral character. Have a strong sense of competition, love others, understand life, respect teachers, unite classmates, love the collective honor. Strong sense of self management, has a strong will, have the courage to face up to your weaknesses and shortcomings. In addition to schools teaching the knowledge to understand and accumulate, be good at reading extracurricular books, formed the self study, self independence and self beyond the border. Wide interests at the same time, with a variety of hobbies, love sports, especially the love of basketball. The develop morally, intellectually and physically.


7, helpful and friendly. Can try to help do housework, and do not pursue famous brand, and not comparing yourself to others. Work has been praised by the teacher, the pursuit of perfection. Careful study, the hobby is widespread, have all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique. Hope she can make persistent efforts, to keep good quality and character, full of fight, become a social good and make contributions to the nation.


Eight, she was a kind, gentle, caring girl. She was polite to people, respect for the old man, know to understand parents of hard, also know to protect and education brother and sister. Although her grades is not ideal, but she is consciously to learn, hard, careful. She loved his people, often because of some countries current politics news with emotion. People around her with his own words and deeds education to protect the environment, take good care of public property.


9, naughty you at an early age, along with time migration, especially since the junior high school, learned to filial piety their elders, elders care and help others; Like sports you whether at school or at home, are you healthy and handsome figure; Talent of abstract thinking, rich imagination and agile thinking, make your math has always been far ahead in the class, known by the students as the \"prince of mathematics\". Parents sincerely hope you can continue to carry forward the advantages, in the future before the road to the next level!


10, reading junior middle school three years, the school because of school spirit, the environment, excellent teachers and so on, causes the classmate studious upward, good moral character; Under the teacher patience to teach, study result also has a lot of progress, life self-care ability have been improved, for the students to the society, have laid a good foundation.

11、在初中短短三年生活学习,获益良多. 从不懂事小孩学会了独立生活,学会照顾自己,遇到困难能自己学会解决.从小个子变成高大的小伙子,较好的成长起来,身体也结实了.在学习上虽然不是名列前茅,但也用功努力能听老师的话,改正许多不良习惯.在家长心中是个听话的好孩子.如果能更合理安排学习,抓紧时间,我相信会做到更好,我们更高兴.希望在人生新阶段里,努力,奋斗前进.我们相信会做到更好!

11, in the junior middle school three year study life, the more rewarding. Don't sensible child learned to live independently, to take care of yourself, difficult to learn how to solve themselves. From the little guy into a tall young man, a better grow up, the body is strong. Though not among the highest in the study, but also hard effort to listen to the teacher's words, correction of many bad habits. In the heart of the parents is a good boy. If you can learn more reasonable arrangement, hurry up, I'm sure I will do better, we are more happy. Hope in the new stage of life, to strive to move forward. We believe that will do it better!


1、你是一个积极向上,有自信心的男孩。学习上有计划、有目标,能够合理安排自己的时间,学习状态挺好;心态平和,关心、帮助同学,关心班集体,积极参加班级、学校组织的各项活动,具有较强的劳动观念,积极参加体育活动,尊敬师长。 希望你再接再厉,不满足于现状,争取做的更好。


3、你是个朴实、勤奋、聪明的女生。听课用心,学习刻苦,勤于思考,有很强的进取心,能克服在外求学的诸多困难,有较强的生活自理能力,能吃苦,与人为善,尊敬师长,积极参加班级事务,学习成绩优良且稳定。 望继续努力,始终保持稳中有进的态势,相信你会做的更好。


5、你是一个内心世界丰富,但不善表达的男孩,你有思想、聪明。在班里你团结同学,劳动踏实,有集体荣誉感。在学习上你能认真听老师上课,作业能按时完成。老师记住了你的优点。 老师希望你在学习上再刻苦些,对不会的问题要大胆地问,注意学习方法。老师相信你一定能做好。

6、你是一个言语不多,性格文静的女孩。在班上你能团结同学,尊重老师,思想品德好,劳动踏实。学习上你能按时完成作业,学习目的明确,同时你的自理能力很强。 老师希望你学习在刻苦些,注意学习方法,多问多想,争取更好的成绩











7、你虽然顽皮,但你很诚实。你有很强的上进心,但缺少持之以恒的精神。 你乐于助人,同学和老师都喜欢你。希你课堂上专心听讲,认认真真做好每一件事,争取不断进步。






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