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Dear teacher, dear little friends:


Good morning! Today, I am talking under the national flag is the subject of "take part in physical exercise, make a healthy child".


Autumn girl gone, winter grandfather quietly came, and the north wind blowing up, it tells us that the cold winter has arrived. Into the winter, the cold weather is a good season for cold, if we do not pay attention to the body, it is easy to catch a cold, sick.

怎 么办呢?我告诉大家一个好办法:就是要多多参加体育锻炼!早晨起来去跑跑步,放学回家跳跳绳,打打球,在幼儿园里坚持认真做操,这样我们的抵抗力就会增 强,http://tongxiehui.net/by/53267.html身体就越来越棒,各种病菌就不敢来找我们的麻烦了。幼儿园国旗下讲话稿。

How to do it? Let me tell you a good way: is to do more exercise! Get up in the morning to go for a run, came home from school to jump rope skipping, play with a ball, to seriously do exercises in the kindergarten, so our resistance will increase, http://tongxiehui.net/by/ 53267.html body is more and more good, all sorts of bacteria will not dare to come to our trouble the. A speech under the national flag of the kindergarten.


Cold and dry winter weather, our skin of water dispersed lost more, fewer sebaceous glands, the skin prone to the dry itchy, as long as we pay attention to health, more than the sun, eat more vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water, and commonly used hot water wash, appropriate to paint some skin cream. We can stay away from disease and become a healthy, happy little friend.


I hope you in the cold winter day participate in physical exercise, like in winter is not afraid of the cold little pine tree as healthy and robust growth.


[two: kindergarten children's national flag under the speech: I am the master of life.


Dear teacher, dear little friends, everybody is good!


I am a small class of Song Yuxuan, I want to share with you a very happy thing. Last week the teacher and father and mother gave me a letter of praise, praise me grow up, their own things to do their own, I am a life of small master.


In the kindergarten, I can dress, eat. After the meal, also can put the small bowl home, wipe your mouth. A speech under the national flag of the kindergarten. At noon sleep, I always put small fold clothes neatly on the bed, waking the, I will arrange a small pillow. Every time I go to the toilet, I will do my own clothes. Sometimes I help my kids.


At home, I can not only do their own thing, but also to help mom and dad to do simple things. When you eat, I can put the small bowl chopsticks neatly, after dinner, I can help my parents clean small table. Mom and dad came home from work, I was able to help them get a pair of slippers, Chuichui back, mom and dad can be happy and praised me is a sensible Guaibao Bao.


I have a nice little songs to share with you -- "Look Dad, mom, baby's hands are really capable. Brush my teeth, wash clothes will wear their socks, handkerchief, dirty wash, hard work to cultivate good habits".


I hope that our children can do their own things to do, to develop good habits, so that good habits with our happy growth!


Thank you!


[article three: the model of the speech under the national flag of the kindergarten


Dear teachers and children:


Hello everyone


There is a song, sing it out the people's heartfelt words, so, will sing a lot of people because he expression of emotion is so rich, the name of the song called < the world is only a good mother >.


Yes, every one of us can say the most sweet words is "mother", can send out the most beautiful call is "mom". "Mom", this simple yet profound words, full of hope, full of love, full of comfort, full of all the sweet and all the good feelings, what can not be compared.

是 妈妈,给了我们生命,也给了我们浓浓的爱。早晨,当我们还在被窝里时,是妈妈匆匆忙忙起来为我们做早饭;傍晚,当我们放学回家看动画片时,是妈妈在为我们 洗衣服;晚上,当我们要上床睡觉时,又是妈妈为我们准备好了洗澡水;当我们学习、生活上遇到难题时,又是妈妈陪着我们一起想办法……

It's mother, gave us life, also gave us a thick love. Morning, when we were still in bed, mother hurried up make breakfast for us; in the evening, when we came home from school to watch the cartoon is mother wash our clothes on; in the evening, when we want to go to bed and mother for us ready to bath water; when our learning and living problems and mother accompanied us to think of a way to...


Mother gave us the selfless love, but also gave us so many things that we can not forget, we have learned from the mother of tolerance, understanding, learned a wide range, but also learned to think for others. But what did we do for our mother?


According to the standard of education for the month, we three classes to carry out the "good mother" series activities of moral education, activities by letting children about their mother, for mother make a gift and use from the park time Mother gifts and other activities, to further enhance the affection between mother and child sense. Thank you!



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